Tuesday, 1 April 2014

National Stationery Week - Day Two

Now today, Notebook Day, is the one I have been looking forward to !

I will freely admit to love, love, loving a brand new, clean-paged notebook. I quite often, like a true stationery addict, buy a notebook without actually knowing its end purpose. Example, a lovely A4, pink-fronted notebook caught my eye in Asda and it turned into a notebook for my new crafty obsession which is sewing. I covered it with appropriate embellisments and hey presto!

I like to use artist's sketch books, which look like this when I buy them from The Range. The paper is 120gsm which is thick enough if you want to decorate or ink the pages. You are not restricted by lines and can use them to paste photos in pictures and photos. For me the cover is the best as it is canvas and perfect for really properly embellishing!

My blog posts are drafted in the one you see below, obviously after I have customised it. I love to use this one but it is nearly full so I will have to decorate another one in readiness!

I have a notebook which is a kind of journal as it is my Journal of Gratitude in which I write down at least one thing I am grateful for every day. Makes you think.

I have in the past customised notebooks to sell, see here my Pinterest page of the ones I have completed for people. I have two "in stock" which I am saving for something special,

but in celebration of National Sationery Week I am offering this travel journal you see below as a giveaway. To win this unique notebook, perfect for recording that special journey or trip, all you need do it comment on this post by Thursday April 3 midnight.


Happy scribbling and catch ya later!xx


  1. OOOWWW Id love that travel journal I have just booked a holiday and it would be ideal for planning, scheduling and then as a forever keepsake. Your work is beautiful and would look wonderful displayed on my dresser :-)

  2. this is amazing~thanks for all the tips!!!!

    1. Thanks Connie. Not been visiting my fav blogs, including yours, recently as we have acquired a dog and routine is a bit out of kilter! X


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