Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Finally, a buyer!!

News, news, news!!

We have finally found a buyer for our house and accepted an offer on Monday of last week. Since then we have made one trip to the area of Oswestry to look at a couple of properties which unfortunately came to nothing.However, we have made appointments to see two more in Lampeter on Friday and we are very excited, especially about one of them!!

After the trip to Oswestry we have done a bit of thinking and come to some conclusions which have helped us make further decisions about the move.

Hubs and I were thinking we were looking for our forever home for ourselves and the boys but we realise now we need to be finding a family home for us and the boys and the idea of our full-on smallholding is not right for us just now. We don't mean the next place won't be an adventure because it will, but it will be a different adventure where we can all find new things to do as a family, me and hubs as a couple and the boys on their own or stuff to do together as well.

On the back of this I wanted to tell you about a book I am waiting to be delivered and it is called Stuffocation - Living More With Less. I heard about this book on the Chris Evans BBC2 breakfast show and then he interviewed the author. The main thrust of the idea is not to live your life through material possessions and stuff, but to live experientially so you fill your life with memories instead of stuff. We should be choosing not to invest our money in a new watch or a huge televison set but in memories of shared experieinces and time spent with family and friends. 

I am a strong advocate of the 1970's childrens' programme - Why Don't You, switch off your TV and go do something less boring instead?! So many children don't know how to play - they have no imagination, needing it to be put on a plate screen in front of them. Fortunately my two can still have a certain amount of fun with an empty cardboard box and like to dress up amongst other things. This way of thinking has always been a big part of us moving and will continue to be so in whatever way that time is spent.

Therefore this is how I hope our new adventure will take shape when we settle into our new home, sooner rather than later if our buyer has anything to do with it!

I think that constritutes a good old ramble.

Will keep you updated on the



  1. Louise that is fantastic news! I look forward to hearing your future journey. I agree with you in having imagination in life, as a child I was given a box, rope, a sheet & fairy washing up bottle & would spend hours playing & these are the happiest memories I have more than brand new toys/games. These I now use with my step grandchildren who now have their imaginary world to explore 😊

  2. Oh yes, the days of WDY indeed. Mine can make up things at the drop of a hat thankfully, but I'm still trying to talk hubby out of buying a monster telly! x


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